River of Stones

River of Stones
overflowing with enthusiasm.
Lonesome pebbles
seek rock to cling to.
I’ll toss my pebbles into the stream of words.
Perhaps the current will carry them to your river.


Life is an amazing journey. http://www.alisonamazed.wordpress.com http://www.alisonboston.wordpress.com

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3 comments on “River of Stones
  1. Lisa says:

    “I’ll toss my pebbles into the stream of words.” Lovely. Thank you for leaving ripples on my blog. I will be back to check out more of yours.

  2. kolembo says:

    Nice, little one this! Ya, I’m enjoying visiting you to, and YES, how ARE we going to survive?!

    I’m hoping that having to do it everyday will eventually refine how I mine the world around me material. I know by the end of it, we’ll be far better writers. On, on eh!

  3. […] River of Stones Image via Wikipedia […]

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