Check it out! German Sounds Make for Great Sound Bites

Hillary Keel reading her poetry under the umbrella...ummmbreeellllaaa!

Check out this podcast from The First Friday Contemporary Writer’s Series of my friend Hillary Keel reading a poem in German -it offers some wonderful sound bites as she uses her throat and tongue to create those sounds not in the English language and so dominant in the German.

You may remember I posted a few days ago about Enrique Moya and Nathan Horowitz – poets from my visits to Vienna’s Cafe Kaftka Labyrinth Poetry Events. Hillary is another great poet  from those days. She is now back in back in the U.S., active in her local poetry community and looking for work.

Hillary Keel loves to translate, write, teach English or German and is looking for work in NYC. Spread the word. (From her Facebook profile)


Life is an amazing journey.

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