Slip Through To the Next Dimension

Written in Barcelona, listening to John Chin play a solo break on keyboards at the Continental….

now we’re travelling

faster than the speed of light

through this universe

into the next

where there is another mother planet blooming

teeming with life

waiting to be filled with love


springing forth with life

life springs forth

bursts from the core

the centre of the planet

blossoms into a fiery explosion

explodes into multi-coloured blossoms


and a planet emerges

a mother earth dances

a second home

in a second universe

how many light years away?

and we can project ourselves there in a millisecond

with the power of our mind

use your mind

the power of your mind

we are living breathing experimental power houses

free your mind

free the power of your mind

project yourself

to the next dimension

slip through slip through slip through

to the next dimension



Life is an amazing journey.

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2 comments on “Slip Through To the Next Dimension
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