Announcement: New Blogging Challenge – Flash Fiction Fridays

I think Jen’s Y food blog post might not get up till tomorrow because she’s in a different time zone, so here’s this rambling muse instead.


An image of the Burnley Panopticon, the Singin...

Nothing to do with the post - though it's a very cool work of sound art called the Burnley Panopticon, the Singing Ringing Tree in Lancashire that Zemanta delivered to the door because at one time I mentioned sound art in the post. Image via Wikipedia

There’s the WordPress Post-A-Day and Post-A-Week challenges, Arlee Bird’s A-Z Challenge, and my own personal A-Z Food Challenge – which has just two more letters to go – Y and Z.  What next?

It’s the 500-words-or-less challenge!  That’s right, my next challenge is to keep it under 500 words.   Am toying with A-Z Flash Fiction.  Any joiners?  Maybe that should be one-a-week? Yeah Flash Fiction Fridays.  That works.

That’s Friday looked after, now what about the other 4 days?

I want to make some more audio tracks and post/link to some of my previously published work did a lot of interesting writing when I was in Hungary, would also be nice to get some of my pre-web writing posted – (that stuff will probably go up on, work on some poems, work on my novel…yeah joined a writers-group, thought I’d sell them all on flash fiction, and it seems we’ve all got novels on our brains.   All this to say, I’ve gotta keep the blog under 500 words so I have time to do everything else.

Under 500 words (5 days a week)

Something like this:

  • Flash Fiction Fridays.
  • Sound Sundays (or Saturdays) – to push me to make one audio track per week – though I might post it on Tuesday!
  • There’s also a weekly photo challenge, and I used to do photography so maybe I’ll start carrying around my phone with the decent camera in it and start snapping pics and do one snap-shot a week.  To get me snapping pics again.
  • So I’ve got the multi-disciplinary art thing going now – which means I’ve got to add a poem day
  • and how about something old day – posting a previously published/written something.
  • And I’ve got to keep writing about  food….
That’s 6 days a week…and I know Lou will want one philosophical/arty post – so now I’m up to 7!

It’ll all come together – in beautiful ordered, or possibly disordered, symmetry – am sure.

Have also got to take some days off from the blog because I have that glazed-eye feeling in my brain, not to mention all the other stuff I have to do.



Life is an amazing journey.

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10 comments on “Announcement: New Blogging Challenge – Flash Fiction Fridays
  1. Oh my gosh! You’re going to post 6 days a week? So ambitious!! Poetry, the novel, photograhy and the audio tracks. You’re gonna be such a busy bee.

    • alisonamazed says:

      No not 6 days a week – been doing 5 days a week – and will take a couple weeks off – at least won’t post so much, then will probably start an intense challenge again – unless I’ve got some writing contracts which I need to get cracking and get.

  2. When you get a contract, please share with me how to get published!! 🙂
    It seems almost impossible. BUT oh, nothing is impossible. Right.
    Yeah, and dont burn out. I want to keep reading. I loved the food challenge info. I learned so much about food!

  3. I already have these pre written posts backed up that I have to put out! Maybe I’ll just work a little harder at keeping mine closer to 500 words though. I always write too much. I’ll be following yours though!

  4. lou says:

    good idea but time consuming … one flash friday a month is more realstic for me … keep going 🙂

  5. […] Announcement: New Blogging Challenge – Flash Fiction Fridays ( […]

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