Got An Extra 60,000 Euro This Month? Pick up a Bronze Head at the Knoll

Here’s another from the Budapest Times stories published October 2004. Image selected from those delivered by Zemanta.

Ferryman. Bronze, 1997.

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Got An Extra 60,000 Euro This Month?

Pick up a Bronze Head at the Knoll


Alison Boston

Budapest’s Knoll Gallery is hardly comparable to the Smithsonian, the Tate Liverpool, or even the Doris C. Freedman Plaza in New York City – three venues that have welcomed the work of British sculpture Tony Cragg.

One doesn’t expect to find art works suitable for the foyers and courtyards of corporate towers in an unpretentious, little four-room gallery, tucked away on Liszt Ferenc tér.  But Budapest’s sister to the Knoll in Vienna has a long-standing relationship with Cragg and is currently showing 4 of his works produced in the last six years.  If you have a penchant for modern sculpture and 60,000 Euro pocket change – the asking price for an abstracted head cast in bronze – you might want to hire a moving van to go over and pick it up. Although it sits in a corner, the head must be viewed from all sides; every angle offers a different face.

Don’t like bronze? How about glass?  Cragg cemented hundreds of empty glass bottles onto heavy-duty glass slabs to construct a multi-layered work that begs to be used somewhere where water can cascade over the bottles, and sunlight caught and refracted into hundreds of rainbows.

Showing at the Knoll Gallery, 1061 Budapest, Liszt Ferenc tér 10.  Phone: 36-1-267-3842 Tuesday-Friday 14:00-18:30 and Saturday 11:00-14:00.


Life is an amazing journey.

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