Snapshot: Beach Towel and Seaweed Drying in Hot Sun

The weather has been really nice lately. When it’s warm and sunny in the U.K. the only place to be is the beach. I thought I’d never be able to walk on the pebbles, but after only one year, my feet are tougher. I think they remembered. Or I learned.

The towel was given to me by my cousin when she was visiting from New Zealand, and we had a family gathering at my Aunt’s place in Devon – where the beaches are sandy! It’s my favorite beach towel. It’s thin enough to dry quickly, yet big enough to do the job! And I like the happy-face sun and dancing star fish. They remind me of Toni.

I plucked the seaweed from the water and laid it to dry, then rolled it up and brought it home. Will check it out and see what I can do with it. One blogger tells me all gelatinous seaweed can be used for skin treatments. That would be nice, but I also want to be able to eat it.


Life is an amazing journey.

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4 comments on “Snapshot: Beach Towel and Seaweed Drying in Hot Sun
  1. June Boston says:

    Enjoyed reading this.

  2. Maybe you can use it to make the (was it hummus?) you found at the market! Lovely photo. I know how the English love the sun. 🙂
    This post made me smile.

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