Absentia Industries

Image 20.42 Dick Nature & Nikona Phillus "Stress Photography", http://www.Absentia Industries.com

In the Soundcloud community I’ve come across an artist whose work constantly replicates, spawning memes like a computer gone awol.

Although it was the sound that first attracted me, and a certain style I recognize across accounts, it’s the imagery that astounds me, draws me in and bathes my eyes with lush, textured renderings of nature.

Flipping through the slides in Dick Nature and Nikona Phillus “Stress Photography” series is like going for a country walk.  So sensuous and erotic you can almost smell the earth.

You can buy the images in beautiful full-color photo-books at Ai’s blurb store.

Image 20.30, Dick Nature & Nikona Phillus "Stress Photography", http://www.Absentia Industries.com

The sounds operate at the same organic level, and deliver a diverse range of musical approaches and soundscapes.

Ai:RE cords: 2Times B0B “Double You and Red Winehouse Street” (Ai Select edit)

dj-skinnie:the “2nd”: Ug Ug – Lille Stamme (02:02)/Beer`n Cake (12:21)

Absentia Industries: the “StAnding hAemoroid” (bootleg) TRACK (psycho-funk)

“G.soUND” is sound & vision

Photography (the music)

Image # 0.4, from The Thin Grey Duke, http://www.AbsentiaIndustries.com

Image 20.41, Dick Nature & Nikona Phillus "Stress Photography", http://www.Absentia Industries.com


Music (the images “Ai:motion/pictures”)

Image #0.5, The Thin Grey Duke, http://www.AbsentiaImages.com


Life is an amazing journey. http://www.alisonamazed.wordpress.com http://www.alisonboston.wordpress.com

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