Music Made from Scottish Water

Dave McKeown's Soundcloud avatar. What a great image!

Blogger Jennifer Ward Pellar of MilitaryZeroWaste commented that she really likes the audio track I made with the sound of dripping water, so I thought I’d introduce you to the creator of that dripping water – Soundclouder Dave McKeown.

An accomplished – and professional – musician, producer and composer – Dave made the track from an original recording of Scottish water. It’s music!

He’s also made a track using nothing but voices of  Soundclouders.  He sent out a request for recordings of people saying either ‘Sound’ or ‘Cloud’, then mixed the 200+ recordings to make a track. (Yeah, my voice is there, Dave says several times! Can you find it?)

Dave has also helped me a lot with my recordings, listening to and commenting on my tracks, and answering technical queries with long, technically informative emails, and links to helpful pages.  He’s a top-notch Soundclouder.  Don’t know why he’s never yet been Soundclouder of the Day.  He certainly deserves it. (Maybe he has, and I missed it? But I don’t think so.)

…and it runs in the family.  His daughter is ace deejay Shibby-Shitegeist.  Dave gave her Cubase and Reason to play with before she was even 10 years old!  It’s paid off.   They also perform and make tracks together.  Here’s a sample:

Here’s the track I made with Dave’s water…mixed with Alemwp’s kalimba on Rhythmic Four.


Dave McKeown’s Soundcloud Page

Alemwp’s Soundcloud Page

Shibby Shitegeist on Soundcloud

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2 responses to “Music Made from Scottish Water

  1. Awww. Thanks for the plug! Oh, I got to listen to more water! Listened to it twice. And I did spot your voice out…I think. I heard you say sound and I heard one of your notes from the tracks on your previous posts. I might get on there so I can do the intro like you did. I think that would be fun. Then I could just speak some of my posts instead of writing them, and it would be something different!

  2. That’s a great idea Jenn! I look forward to hearing a post from you.

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