Pentz Road, Nova Scotia

Looking Up The LaHave

In Nova Scotia, I picked wild berries from the field behind our house and popped seaweed on the shores of the LaHave River, which was basically our front garden! This photo: Looking Up The LaHave River (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Pentz is the name of the small road on the LaHave River, where we lived in Lunenburg County, Nova Scotia when we came back to Canada after our year in England.

I traded Latin and tennis classes at a British private boarding school, for a 2-room school house with a wood burning stove and outhouses in the woods instead of plumbed toilets.   LaHave Elementary School was perched atop a hill in the small Canadian fishing village, LaHave.  What a difference!

Rissers Beach

Rissers Beach, where Dad used to take us swimming when we lived at Pentz. This photo by John H McCarthy via Flickr.

My first year there, I insisted on wearing my St. Michael’s school uniform, complete with blazer emblazoned with school crest, and looked rather stuffy along side the Nova Scotians who wore more individualistic clothes.

There were no after school programs – well 4-H club. No school runs for my mother – we went to school on a yellow bus, and in the winter when the road was too icy, we’d have to walk up the hill – trudging through knee deep snow to get some traction.

The LaHave Islands From Romkey Hill, Five Houses

Dad had a parish on one of the LaHave Islands, and used to take a boat to deliver the Sunday service. This photo of the islands was taken from Romkey Hill, Five Houses (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

At age 7 my favorite games were making mud pies in the garden at home, and playing house in the woods at school. At age 8, it was dress-up and ‘let me entertain you’ cabaret-style in the boat houses along the river. It was totally self-directed! We learned lots about using creativity, imagination, and inventiveness, and how to work with others in a collaborative way to get things done rather than following the instructions of someone who was bossy; in a nutshell: how to “just do it” rather than wait around for someone to show us how!

I loved life on Pentz Road, and wrote my first poem when we moved away.  It was called “C” and started: “Down by the sea, that’s where I long to be…”


Life is an amazing journey.

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6 comments on “Pentz Road, Nova Scotia
  1. Arlee Bird says:

    Sounds like a place to get back to the basics. When I think of Nova Scotia the first thing I think of is lox. Then I start thinking about bagels and cream cheese. It seems like a lot of things make me think of food. Maybe I need to eat.

    Places I Remember
    Wrote By Rote
    An A to Z Co-host blog

    • alisonamazed says:

      I realized after I started writing these posts that I could have written about the food of the different places I’ve lived – and may do an A-Z on that as a follow-up. I fly back to Canada in the morning…

  2. nutschell says:

    These are great pictures! would love to visit someday:)
    Happy A-Zing!

  3. Leslie Henry says:

    Hi Alison. Loved reading about your experience at the Pentz School House. We bought the school (now a house) about 5 years ago. Would you happen to have any old photos of the house? Thanks so much.
    Leslie Henry

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