A-Z #Gratitude: #Guitars

Day 7 of the A-Z Blogging Challenge and the letter G.

GuadalupeNOLA15Oct07Thanks (3)

Thanks for Guitars.

Yeah! What more is there to say? Let the music play! Here’s something from one of the most influential electric guitarists in the history of popular music.   Only in this video he’s playing the blues on a 12-string acoustic!  And if Jimmy’s not your thing, we’ve got Django here too! Who’s your favorite guitarist?


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8 comments on “A-Z #Gratitude: #Guitars
  1. Jimmy is my hero. And Santana. Love that guitar.

  2. I like what’s-his-name from the former Queen band. He can really make the guitar sing. Brian May. I think that’s right. He has a brilliant mind as well.
    A – Z Challenge

  3. I love them both — Django and Jimi.
    How about Dylan’s The Joker and the Thief? Thought Hedrix’s versions sounded *a lot * better.
    Thank God for guitars and for music — they make life a heck of a lot more enjoyable, and sometimes easier to forget.
    Silvia @ Silvia Writes

    • alisonamazed says:

      Yes, it’s pretty hard to say one is better than the other – both brilliant guitarists, although v diff styles. Dylan is a brilliant poet and songwriter – definitely a man for his time.

  4. netherk says:

    I don’t have a favourite guitarist but I have great respect for everyone in the world who can play it! I tried to learn it once – and I do have a little musical talent – but the acoustic guitar hurt my fingers so much I gave up!! Yes, pathetic I know!

    A to Z Participant (A to Z of Travel Bucket List Inspiration)

    • alisonamazed says:

      Clearly typing on the computer is better for your fingers and mine – by the size of our blogs! I too started to learn to play guitar, when I was a kid – I did okay. Now I’m learning toplay piano, but most of all, I’m learning to sing.

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