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Life in the (artistic) Zone

Bluegrass Duo, Garret Thompson (guitar) and Shanti Bremer (banjo) so perfect for the Tremblay Farm one almost expected the horse to neigh.  Sight and Sound Festival, Royal B.C. Museum, Victoria, April 28th, 2012

“Can I have your ticket please?” I show the young woman with the stylish hair-cut my Royal B.C. Museum ticket, the one I paid $15.00 plus GST for. “No,  your ticket with a word printed on it…look….”  She deftly produces 

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Political tussle leaves prime cultural location unfinished

Here’s the story I promised, from my contributions to the Budapest Times, March, 2005. I had wanted to find out the current situation before posting, but the Romano Dromo story has spurred me on.  Even without the update, it gives

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