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Realty TV Show: Squat Survival

Poor Concrete Slum Houses

Image by epSos.de via Flickr

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‘Squat Survival’ is a reality TV series, where the wealthiest members of our society live in a squat in a foreign city, like Budapest (where the language is next to impossible) and are filmed 24/7/52 going about their daily survival routine which includes dumpster diving and bin rummaging for food.

As they will have to actually leave the squat to rummage for survival, their forays into the outside world will be closely monitored and controlled with a list of strict rules.

Before entering the squat, they must surrender all their cash, bank cards, credit cards, mobile phones, lap tops and any other electronic gadgets they may have, though they can keep an i-pod, but without a charger. They must also sign a contract wherein all their assets are frozen for the duration of the show. They are permitted to bring in one bag not larger than a carry-on size flight bag. NO OTHER BAGS OR HANDBAGS PERMITTED!

Ideal participants are slum landlords, house flippers, and bankers who have just finished their annual bonus-binge.

That’s the basic idea. Needs developing.

Might be hard to get participants! So somehow being in the series has to have a pay-off, not necessarily financial. Perhaps it could atone for their sin of avarice?

What do you think? Do you like this idea for a reality TV show? or is it too anarchistic?

If this was a reality TV show, who would you like to see in the squat?

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